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Court Usage

Whilst it is tempting to walk on and always use the first court, please vary your court usage and play on court two as often as you play on court one.

The Clubhouse

If you use the club house, please leave it tidy and make sure you lock the door when you leave.

The car park

Car park

If you use the car parking area, please do not leave the padlock open, or leave the key in the padlock. Also, make sure you lock it when you leave.

The Website

If you cannot find the information you came to the site for, or if you have any comments about the site, please

Webmaster - Barry McDougall

Wimbledon Tickets

tennis ball

Brucehaven Tennis Club get an allocation of Wimbledon tickets at reduced rates based on our membership numbers. However, any allocation of tickets for Wimbledon is now based on how many of our club members are also members of British Tennis. Therefore, we need our club members to join British Tennis www.lta.org.uk/members/join. If you are a club member, it is free join and only takes a few minutes.

Wimbledon Correspondent - Larry Young

Policies of the LTA

Brucehaven Tennis Club have adopted the Safeguarding and Diversity and Inclusion policies of the LTA and the terms of these policies are exhibited on the club house notice board. Jennifer has agreed to be Welfare Officer and her telephone number is 872702 and . This information is also on the notice board.

However, just in case so are so excited about this and can't wait to see what they say, you can download both documents below.